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About ColdKoala

ColdKoala was started as a Small Project Token on the BSC Network by a
group of crypto enthusiasts who have a love for animals, but specially for the cute and furry Koalas.
Launched as a "stealth coin" (no advertising) ColdKoala quickly become an immediate hit and the Koala Crypto Family was born.



Launched on May 20th, ColdKoala Coin strives to make a difference in the world by dedicating a large portion of its funds to supporting charities that work with endangered and injured koalas, such as those that were displaced during the Australian Wildfires.

A Charity Wallet has been established with 10% of the token's minted supply and through tokenomics... (Koalanomics!) it will continue to grow with every transaction. This is the wallet that will be used for the selected charities.

While the token has a large minted supply, it's been coded to be deflationary from the start. 40% of the supply was immediately *burned and through the 10% tax, 6% of which is reflected back to holders and the Charity Wallet, 4% is burned on every transaction, meaning that the supply will continue to decrease at a steady pace over time. Finally, we have a Merch Store were investors and the general public can purchase some cool [and cute] MERCH. The best part is that 100% of all the revenue will go towards the Charity Wallet Fund.

*"burned" is just a fancy way of saying that we send a certain amount of tokens to an unusable wallet (account) and cannot be accessed.

Charity Wallet

Help Save Koalas

Our Furry Friends

ColdKoala’s mission is to contribute to the many Koala Charities around the world through the use of cryptocurrency and yield-generating network reflections. We do this by setting up a specific account (the Charity Wallet) in our system that receives ColdKoala Tokens with every transaction.  We then use this Wallet to generate the funds for different charities chosen by the community.

Why do we do this? Because we LOVE Koalas and we think that cryptocurrencies should serve a purpose and not just as an investment. Furthermore, no other cryptocurrency is doing this and well, Koalas are very cute! In the future we will also be partnering with charities to further expand our mission and contribute to the protection and well being of this amazing animal.



ColdKoala's plan for all current and future goals.
This ROAD MAP will constantly evolve and change as the project grows and more investors join the Koala Family.

ColdKoala Token LAUNCH
May 20th, 2021

🗸 Website Deployed
🗸 Social Media Established
🗸 CMC/CG Listings Sub
🗸 TW Logo Submitted

Koala Goals "Leaf"

🗸 Poll Vote: First Charity
-- Koala Team Expansion
🗸 Begin Exchanges Process
🗸 Listed on TOKPIE Exchange
-- Coingecko Listing
🗸 CMC listing
🗸 ColdKoala Merch

Koala Goals "Tree"

-- Finalize Exchange Listings
-- Marketing Expansion
-- ColdKoala Business Plan
-- Merch Expansion
-- ColdKoala Merch P.2

Koala Goals "Forest"

-- Begin KoalaNFT Project
--Team Expansion
-- Charity Partnerships
-- Stay Tuned!




Project Manager
Cryptocurrency enthusiast and Koalanomics NERD working on a degree in Animal Care from the Netherlands. Martin is the Project Manager for ColdKoala. He loves Koalas, of course(!), animals in general, photography and films.


Operations Manager
John is the Operations Manager on the team. He loves Koalas, sports, photography, animals in general and lives in Norway. Has been in the Cryptocurrency scene since 2017.


Community Manager
IT Engineer from the UK. Part of the ColdKoala social media team and truly an awesome Community Manager. Loves Koalas, cryptocurrency, football and cycling.


Merch Store


Visit our REDBUBBLE Merch Store for some cute and awesome Merch.

*100% of all revenue goes towards our Charity Wallet

*How does it work? The price of the item includes Redbubble’s base price (production costs) plus a 20% commission. We take 100% of this commission and add it to the ColdKoala Charity Fund.

  ColdKoala Cryptocurrency

Thank you for visiting our little Koala Home. Please visit any of our social media platforms and share our project.

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We would love to hear from you! Our email is: contact@coldkoala.com

FOR PROMOTION Inquires please email us at promotions@coldkoala.com

FOR MERCH SUGGESTIONS OR COMMENTS please email us at merch@coldkoala.com  (NOTE: customer service is handled by RedBubble)

PLEASE BE AWARE OF FAKE ACCOUNTS: We will never ask for your private keys and WE DO NOT DO AIRDROPS.

Please only use our verified Contract Address: 0x1bfe24e7fb1d3b2dffd9c1d49372b07bc6fda829

Join Team Koala!

We are currently accepting volunteers to join the ColdKoala team. Please view all the open positions below and if you find something that you are interested in, email us at john@coldkoala.com. Please include the position on the subject line and tell us why you would love to be part of the team. Also include any relevant experience you have. Thank you. 

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Koala Friends:

LATEST UPDATE: We are now listed on the TOKPIE EXCHANGE. We are waiting to hear back from Coingecko.


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